Grave Encounter

Lee Wu Huai, Andrea Liew Shi Hui, Goh Jun Jie, Chan Pui Yi, Philippe Madrid Israel, Hasya Amryna Nur Adly, Ramon Lorenzo Zoleta Manlapaz, Chan Lok Yong, Lim Xin Jie, Lok Seow Wei, Felicia Mae Mina Ning Er

In the dead of night, a funeral van had crashed into a nearby graveyard. From the van, a corpse-turned zombie emerges from the casket after being cramped in there for far too long. He decides to find his own grave to be put to rest but there is one issue. Every grave that he presumed to be empty upon discovery turns out to already be occupied. When he finally does stumble upon an empty grave, he discovers that he is not the only one vying for it. Will he able to claim the spot?