Linear Incremental Dwelling

James Timotius

Highly Autonnomous , Incremental housing Architecture that adapts based on time and needs of its citizens on an underutilised existing car park at 96 Havelock road , Singapore.
This programme aims to reveal how spaces can change in a month , year , or a decade based on one’s rituals and common practices. The measurement is done through the pockets of air spaces acting as a refl ection of time , Hence , it aims to showcase and create an independent Architecture by giving power back to the people where the the internal , becomes externalised.

MacPherson Community Resort


[The Composition of the Common Grounds between Full Moon, Mountain and Water]
MacPherson Community Resort is a public community resort that aims to provide more chances for people to interact with each other, fulfill their hobbies and enjoy leisure time and reconnect to nature. By composing the overall layout with traditional Chinese painting, this resort allows residents in the MacPherson community to travel inside a painting, between full moon, mountains and waters.

The Resurrection of Kampong Glam

M Nazrul Haque B Abdul Malik

The resurrection of Kampong Glam focuses on the revitalising the dying history, co-existing with the current state of Kampong Glam. The architecture uses the exact method of tourist magnet that the present Kampong Glam uses, but for a good purpose of historical rehabilitation. It seeks to rejuvenate the essence of Kampong Glam to its former self.

Reality X Virtual

Nicholas Tan

Death is the destination for all the human beings. Saying goodbye is always tough, especially to our significant others, like your families and lovers. Sometimes, we might recall the memories that we had before with the past person. We still want to keep the connection between each other. That is why we still have the cemetery as our tradition till now. Thus, mind uploading will be the key for human to become immortal. What would it be like if I combine the AI technology and the traditional cemetery together? The goals of my design are to keep the connection between the past people and us. Lessen our fear of death, without the worries about the people who ever loved you. Use the advanced technology to achieve a digital immortality within the virtual world.

Intuitecture The Art of Wu Wei

Nicholas Wong

Learning, Eating and Playing Made Intuitive and Explorative. Education in Singapore has long established a syllabus-based approach to learning, heavily characterized by rote learning. This regimented way of learning is counter to the ideals of Wu Wei. Actionless Actions, a principle of Wu Wei, informs an new intuitive and explorative approach to learning for the children of ‘Baby Town Punggol’.

Children will learn the origins of food through tree picking, climbing and the means of multicultural food appreciation through feasting. The Valleys seek opportunities for social spaces, where casual social collisions occur organically.

Religious spaces paint the narrative of nature as the teacher. Plateaus serves as a gathering ground for worshippers in their quest for higher faith from below.