Studio Project 4

Canales Bryan Paul Corona

A scene where a pilot is about to take off from the new International Space Station and is doing his final checks before undocking. The project was developed by applying 3D tracking, set extensions and CG techniques.

Studio Project 4

Peh Yujun, Deborah

Inspired from Avatar the Last Airbender movie, I decided to create the character “Fire Bender”. I filmed the character with green screen and changed the background to reflect the movie scene. Houdini Pyro was used for the flame and composited with Nuke.


Chua Zhen Chong Leonard, Muhammad Salman Bin Sulaiman, Abdul Hadi Mulia Bin Abdul Malik, Nur Dayani Binte Jamial, Lim Rong Jun, Yau Yong Kang

A scientist’s daughter found her mother’s long-lost dimension teleportation project. She accidentally activated it and it transported her to a futuristic world where cities look gritty and juggernaut spaceships are normal.

@angrymikko "maybe tomorrow" 3D fanart

Muhammad Salman Bin Sulaiman

This project re-created @angrymikko’s “Maybe Tomorrow” concept art in 3D. Blender was used for most parts of the modelling and compositing. HSubstance Painter and Substance Source were used for texturing and materials. Volumetric clouds and petal particles were added to enhance the mood.

Floating Through Life

Charis Lee Yun Ning, Bima Hayatil’ain, Bte Md Nu’man, Juniel Thum, Lewis Toh, Yong Kang. Lim Jia Xin, Tan Hui Xin, Serina

A story of a student changing classes, revealing the scifi-fantasy world of her academy. Exploring VFX using Game Engine; the project was created with a combination of live action footage composited into scene created in Unreal. The project was also developed in collaboration with 2 students from Diploma in Animation students to conceptualize, design and model the 3D assets.