LNY2021'S Eve Special 天天好天

Goh Jia Jun, David, Chong Xiao Xuan, Nur Dayani Binte Jamial, Sng Keng Kiat, Eden, Yeo Yi Quan

Stylistic graphical dancers and neon scribble effects were designed as part of LED background to accompany the hip Lunar New Year performance on stage. Dancers were filmed on green screen background before keying out and treated for matte graphical look. The team liberally utilised editing techniques to feature a “crowded” digital dance troops, unfettered by Covid situation.

National Day Parade 2020-Act 2 Storms

Canales Bryan Paul Corona, Peh Yujun, Deborah, Chevonn Tan Xuan Lin, Ho Khee Xuan, Chiu Tsz Ho Jeremy, Habib Noor Bin Hajah Mohideen, Seah Song Wei, Lim Rong Jun

To showcase Creative Director, Royston’s Tan’s vision for NDP 2020, students were tasked to produce storm effects to be used on the large LED background to accompany live performers on stage. Using procedural effects techniques, the team produced 2 minutes of ever-evolving storm, which turns into fire storm for Act 2’s climax.

Suntec Big Screen National Day Parade 2020

Muhammad Salman Bin Sulaiman, Muhammad Hafiz Bin Mohamad Sidek, Eunice Chailert Tan, Stephanie Suteja, Benjamin Ngoh

The team conceptualised and developed a 2-minute animation as part of the National Day Parade 2020 greeting video, which was showcased on the Suntec Convention Big Screen. They had to consider how different the colours and animations feel when viewed on the 50-meters screen and work on the challenge of rendering in 10k resolution.