Greet Your Bus Captain

Chu Yun Xi

The project aims to create empathy through understanding the struggles of Bus Captains by encouraging positive interactions between Bus Captains and passengers. The project also aims to highlight the struggles and sacrifices of Bus Captains through storytelling and campaign.

Happy Nation Initative

David Soh Wen Jun

Due to the pandemic, Singaporeans have a declining morale coupled with a neglect of self-care in the hustle of life. The project Happy Nation Initiative is a nationwide campaign that aims to boost the morale of people who are affected by the pandemic fatigue by redirecting their focus to ginding joy in the little things in life.

Hello, What's your name?

Tan Jia Wei

“Hello, What’s your name?” is a teaching set designed to aid early childhood educators by providing alternative visuals of mouth movements in teaching phonics. The lesson is further reiterated and made more engaging through the use of storytelling, characters and props.


Lim Ling Ling

Project K_nd putting the “i” in kind, for Singaporeans to not overlook kindness and compassion to themselves. As a result, by being kind and a good ‘friend’ to ourselves, we then can also project that, but better, onto others as well.

My Individuality, My Converse

Ngoo Siyan Phoebe

Cultural motifs embroidery as a catalyst. Promoting a sense of self-identity and ownership, consumers have exclusivity and customisations over the designs on the shoes. (Converse “RENEW” Chucks 70 series) which are manufactured from repurposed cotton waste which communicates the sustainability factor. Comes along with a linen explanation tag on the selected motifs, for users to have a better cultural knowledge.