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Event Registration Platform

Klobbi Event Registration Platform is designed with your client’s experience in mind. 

Our Clients

Service Included

Events Registration Platform includes

Customised Registration

Klobbi event registration platform is designed with your brand experience in mind. Give your event the exposure it deserves.

Registration Payment Portal

Tiered tickets, bulk discount purchases, early bird discounts, coupon codes, you name it! Registration is customised to your event.

Event Ticketing

Confirmation email with personalised QR tickets will be sent to your guests for on-site registration.

On-site Registration

Register on site by scanning your QR code at our registration kiosk and print personalised event name badges.

Event registration is the first contact point for your clients. Every successful event starts with a seamless registration process. What makes a successful event registration platform? A registration process that feels like doing nothing. We strive to create a frictionless event registration process – from the registration form filling and payment, to the receiving the event ticket and the on-site event ticketing service.

Event Microsite

The first touch point of every successful event. 

Custom design and develope your Event Website. 
Deliver value content to your potential event audiences.
Boost your SEO and SEM with our in-house team of digital advertising engineers.

EVent Microsite (SCA22)

Registration Form

Design your registration workflow.

Personalise invitation email for your guests.

Customised registration form.

Real time registration updates

Event Registration


Sell tickets!

Klobbi registration portal accepts all major credit cards.

Sell to China Audiences! Alipay and Wechat Pay integration available.

Registration Payment


Customised confirmation email with:

  • QR code for physical events
  • Magic links for virtual events 
QR Registration Ticket

Event Badges

Custom print event badges and stickers.

Scan your QR code at our onsite registration kiosk.

Print event badges instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Klobbi Event Registration Platform is a serviced suited. 

That means you will be assigned a dedicated service manager who will manage the registration process for you. 

We will provide you with a standard template and require the following information from you:
1. Event branding or company logo.
2. Field requirements
3. Confirmation email
4. Company T&C and PDPA policy

For special design registration form, we will working closely together with you to custom design the registration forms.

Yes the data collected on our event registration platform will be secured. 

– We use TLS 1.2 when transmitting data to and from server
– We use AES-256 encrytion for data-at-rest
– Fileservers and Database Servers always separated
– Database access is filtered by a firewall, accessible only via whitelisted IP addresses 

Transfer of data will strictly comply with PDPA and GDPR regulations. 

Data is collected and stored with us up to 30 days after the event officially ends. 

After which, data collected by Klobbi will be destroyed. 

We welcome you to witness the destruction of data from our servers if this process is required by your organisation. 

Data collected will strictly be for your event purposely only. We do no store, transfer or sell your data to any other third parties. 

Data collection will strictly comply with PDPA and GDPR standards. 

Data collected should only be for event purposes. Your dedicated service manager will advice what information you can or cannot collect from your guest. 

We recommend the use of Paypal and Stripe as your payment portal.

Your organisation should have an existing payment portal account. Our team will assist with the integration for your event.

If you require integrations of other payment portals such as Alipay, Wechat, etc. Just let our team know and we will make the necessary arrangements for you. 

We provide the full suite of event registration service. From the event registration form to the badge printing at the event site.

We will issue personalise QR code to your guest. They can scan their QR ticket at our on-site registration kiosk and print their personalised event badges.

We can provide QR scanner, customised printed badges and event lanyards. 

Our dedicated service manager will assist you throughout the registration process. We will ensure a smooth event registration experience for you and your clients.

On the event day, we will be on standby to troubleshoot any issues. 

Let's get started on your Event Registration Platform!

Tell us how can we help you. Simply leave a message or your contact details and our friendly Klobbi team will contact you.