About Klobbi

Probably the Best Events Technology Company you have ever met. 

Klobbi Virtual Events Suite

We are more than just a tech company. We are a tech company with a wealth of events experience.

We understand Tech. We understand Events. 

Our team is a combination of developers and events managers. Our combined experience brings the best together the best attributes of both worlds. You will want an events technology partner who has the skills to develop and customise tech solutions at the breakneck pace of the events industry. Trust me. 

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Who we Are?

Founded in 2018, Klobbi has grown into a leading Virtual Events Technology solutions provider in Greater Asia.

We pride ourselves as innovative technology solutions provider in the face of global challenges. Our business’ heart lies in identifying gaps within any industry, and creating efficient and strategic technological solutions to address these needs.

We are a group of dedicated professionals who have come together with a common interest – using technology to improve the lives of others. Our vision to be a company that develops technology that makes the world better.

Company Vision

Help Mankind

Company Mission

To create technology solutions that benefits the lives of everyone.

What we represent?

The Klobbi Philosophy


Our responsibility and obligation to get things done, not because it is our job, but because it is in our blood.


Strength and Love for what we do.


Expect consistent top performance.

Our Clients

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